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Product and consumer experience

Project Examples

Better For You 

Sodium reduction, HFCS removal, TFA removal, sugar reduction

Cost savings 

Blind ingredient change, shelf life extension, packaging change, ingredient consolidation, supplier changes


New: Beverage, on-the-go items, wine, snack, novel ingredient naming, UX, CX

Product improvement 

Snacks texture adjustment, yogurt flavor improvement, baked goods color adjustment, cereal process improvements, UX, CX

First Moment of Truth 

Packaging innovation, graphic perception, product-brand fit


Methods We Might Employ

We work with fielding agencies for actual data collection

ConCentric Product Solutions specializes in working closely with your teams to determine the best path to a particular project goal. We will identify and employ methods that will give you actionable insights. 

Consumer Research Methods

Targeted consumers/customers are involved and fielding of tests goes through third party:

  • Voice of the Customer

  • Claim Substantiation Tests

  • Central Location Tests (CLTs)

  • In-Home-Use Tests (IHUT's)

  • Product/Concept Tests

  • Confirmatory Tests

  • Sensory Guidance Tests

  • Social Media Qualitative Boards

  • Focus Groups

  • 1x1 Interviews

  • Consumer Co-Creation Sessions

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Customer 1x1 interviews

Team Methods

We can do these with your existing staff:

  • Team Judgement

  • Shelf life testing (organoleptic)

  • Discrimination Tests

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Team Innovation Brainstorming

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Market Treks

Other Services

Specialized service:

  • Sensory Training of Staff & Plant/Quality Sensory Training and Program Implementation

  • Sensory Analysis (Descriptive, Discrimination)

  • Post-Launch-Review/Analysis

  • Stage-Gate Implementation

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