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Insight Meets Smart Product Design

"Do consumers like my product well enough to launch it yet?"                                               "How are we doing against our competitors?"

            "Why am I getting good trial on my product but low repeat?"

                                "Is the total product offering working?"

"What should I launch next?"

                                'What do my customers think about my service?'


Do any of these questions sound familiar?  You are not alone - and there are many more that your competitors are asking themselves as well. We are here to find answers that move you ahead of the competition and that will make your products win in the marketplace.

As one of the many product and brands out there you need a strong and actionable understanding on how consumer needs and product attributes should align to maximize sales success. A strong and differentiated total product offering (TPO) gives you an advantage over the competition - whether it is in retail, food service or utilizing insights for sales stories.

ConCentric Product Solutions is your partner to achieve this crucial goal.

We will help your technical, marketing, and sales teams understand and apply insights from sensory and consumer research to succeed in your categories through a Consumer-First approach. With methods ranging from team judgement and competitive landscape analysis to quantitative or qualitative consumer studies (and everything in-between) we  instill your team with a sense of intuition and empowerment while building strong Innovation and Renovation Pipelines.

You simply cannot miss out on the opportunity to move ahead of your competition.



sensory training and TEAM GUIDANCE

We train your cross-functional and/or production teams how to identify and describe product olfactory attributes. Our outside perspective, process and translation skills will help your teams find the winning product solution for your business.

Sometimes teams just need to look at things from a different angle or in a different light. Much can be done with the knowledge you already have and by applying appropriate processes and a bit of training. Bringing functions together and share what they know and taste together can be powerful and sometimes all you need. This can be paired with sensory analysis and training if desired.


We apply a wide range of customizable quantitative consumer research tools and expertise to help grow your product portfolio and business. 

Quantitative Consumer Research gives you statistically powerful data to guide your product/packaging development path. Quantitative research has been long utilized and proven to give reliable results when executed and applied correctly.


We will design solid qualitative tests that will give you the answers you need in order to develop successful products that hit the bulls-eye.

Involving consumers in the development process or gain feedback in a qualitative way (focus groups, interviews, social media boards, interactive co-creations, etc.) can build your teams’ intuition by providing important verbal and non-verbal cues to your product development and marketing efforts. There are many methods and hybrids to choose from. Qualitative research can be conducted as a stand-alone or in combination with quantitative and/or sensory research.


We will apply the appropriate sensory method to give you detailed and actionable answers to your product profile questions.

Sensory methods help you gain a better understanding of your products’ ‘fingerprint’ (descriptive analysis) which in turn can guide how you tweak your product or explain why consumers like a certain product better than the other.

Discrimination testing will give you statistically relevant results when asking ‘how likely it is that a difference can be detected’. Sometimes a team is just too close to do that themselves. That’s when an external panel can help.

Filling in when your Sensory capacity is stretched

With over 19 years of CPG experience we bring a large amount of technical, collaboration, leadership, process and strategic skills to your company when filling as a temporary resource.

Sometimes you are just short on resources. Maternity leave, extended leaves, sudden high workload etc. can spread your teams thin. We are here to help, come in and fill in for those resource needs.

Whether it be a day or a few months.

ConCentric Product Solutions definition: Alignment between consumer needs and food or beverage product design. Also: Consumer-centric approach. 

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