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ConCentric Product Solutions
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ConCentric Product Solutions offers sensory and consumer research consulting services leveraging a strong portfolio of tools. Our approaches are custom-tailored to meet your needs and gain product, consumer and concept insights to ultimately grow your  portfolio and business. We partner, listen and strive to understand where you are at and where you'd like to go. With that understanding CPS will design the best research solution possible, always keeping your budget in mind. 

Scroll through the sections below to see some of our capabilities and contact us today to start the conversation.

New Product Innovation

What should I launch next?

Some of the approaches CPS offers during the innovation process:

Competitive Landscape and Surveillance Studies · Consumer-Centric Qualitative and Quantitative Concept & Product Testing · Consumer Co-Creation · Bench Tastings · Package Development Tests · In-Context Interviews · Social Media Online Communities · Total Product Offering Testing (message, brand, product, packaging etc.), Legal Claims Substantiation Testing

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product renovation and cost savings

How do I keep my users and attract new ones?

Some of our tools for product renovation and and cost savings projects:

Brand Loyalist Panels · On-line Community · Product Design Advisory Boards · Descriptive Sensory Analysis · Discrimination Tests · Home-Use-Tests · Bench Tastings

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Corporate Sensory training

Teach me how to taste.

PROJECT TEAMS: Sometimes cross-functional teams need help becoming more proficient in tasting and describing the products they work on. To make team tastings more effective, value added and allow the product development process to become more iterative we offer x-functional sensory training. During this training your team will learn the sensory language and vocabulary that is important to your product line(s). Sensory training has become a popular item for our clients very quickly due to the large impact it has on shortened launch times, better team communication during cuttings and more.


PRODUCTION QUALITY: Learning to measure through olfactory that you manufacture the product as it was initially designed is at the heart of our Quality Sensory training and program implementation.  Who wants to find out after the fact that too much salt was added? 

Both training options happen at the client's site to minimize time away from work by attendees

Learn Learning Education Knowledge Wisdo

Voice of the customer research

What do they think about my stuff?

In a service or supplier setting you need to know how your company, service, product is perceived by the direct customer to put your best foot forward. Some of our approaches for this are:

One-on-one Interviews · Surveys · Online Panels · Operator Tests

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