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Have you done the

right research

to launch

your product?

ConCentric Product Solutions offers sensory and consumer science solutions that result in strong and actionable insights for you product innovation, renovation and service projects. 


Insights, that will help you align all parts of the total product offering: the stuff, packaging, brand, messaging etc...


Do your product cuttings frustrate you? It's common. Many people don't have the training and vocabulary to describe product attributes. But the lack of it hampers the iterative potential of product development and lengthens timelines.

ConCentric Product Solutions specializes in corporate sensory training. Cross-functional trainings are designed for your specific product types. And the best part: we come to you to reduce attendee's time away from work. 

OUR Proven expertise WILL give you the leading edge

Our experience spans from ingredients to finished products, foods to beverages, products to services. Reach out and let's discuss your needs and find solutions.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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